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Friday, 6 August 2010

First Entry Ever..2010-??

Well this is my first post... I’m still navigating around blogger but I am so excited to start!
Since I had a relatively uneventful day..its the start of the end of summer and ive just come back from a lovely spa break in scotland..I'm going to use this entry to introduce myself a little...

I'm a Gap-year student, budding foodie and politics nerd.I love halloween themed things and have a sweet tooth of a small child!..I have also a newlyfound craving for lilly pulitzer! (it must be living in england at the moment, it is always raining and alittle pink and green really helps!)
Since I am a late starter, and its past half way through 2010..It has been an uneventful year so far sadly! I finished highschool, revised for every exam, went to prom ..This is where it starts to get more fun! I managed to buy the same mask which was featured in season 1 of Gossip Girl...I was running late on the night and i didnt manage to curl my hair, but i still had a great time!
Summer has been pretty awesome so far, I spent alot of time in the middle east <3 and had some serious relaxation time after so much revising!
-I can never style my hair this curly! If anyone has any volumising products they can recommend me, that would be brilliant!-
When i was in Oman i stayed at the gorgeous Al Bustan Palace hotel in Muscat...only had 3 nights there  but it was perfect to relax! The hotel has recently undergone massive renovations since i last stayed there; but it hasnt lost its style. Next time im in Muscat, i will make sure i stay longer! Its such a lovely, secluded, traditional city!

Wearing= DVF -'imara' blouse, a pink cashmere cardi and a long linen skirt.Ballet Flats by a British brand called French Sole and the headband is a Jennifer Behr


  1. Popping in from Follow Friday!

    I have had my blog for almost a year and am still tring to figure out the whole blogger thing. But it is fun trying

  2. I am your newest follower:)
    Welcome to the blog world honey!
    Come over and see me-
    have a great night, Daph

  3. Just found you via blog hop- yeah! You look fantastic in the mask! Welcome to Blogville. Can't wait to read more.

  4. Here on a Sunday for the Friday blog hops! Now following you - hope to see you at Dropped Stitches! Looking forward to seeing how your blog evolves - if you need any advice or have questions, please feel free to email me!

    xo Erin