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Friday, 10 June 2011


Actually pretty simple cookies to make! A great deal of time i found was actually spent weighing/sieving out ingredients and mixing the final mixture!... The 1st ever batch were actually baked on a whim one cloudy afternoon (the weather wasn’t too humid, which helps) and the 2nd were also an experimental lot. By third time around, i had found a mixing method that works for myself, for beating the air out of the final mixture (the key to having no air holes in the shell) I didn’t have any food colouring paste in the cupboard, so i used more liquid type than was probably needed. The paste is defiantly recommended! Especially if making darker coloured ones (chocolate, liquorish ect)
Raspberry Jam and Strawberry Liqueur Macarons

--- ** Ingredients and method comming soon**---

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Maderia Wine Time!

Something I think my mother has passed down to me is a love for Madeira; nearly 3 years ago was my first time to this gorgeous island ;during my time there i went to a few tasting classes. This wine is so versatile! And can be used in cocktails, baking, cooking, and makes both a great aperitif and digestive (depending on the type!)...I learnt out there are 4 main types of wine, each ranked varying in sweetness...

1- Sercial – very light, quite dry! The least sugary of all.
2- Verdelho- medium-dry ,much sweeter but still light.
3- Boal- Recommended best buy for all uses! (good cocktail ingredient, doesn’t overpower) Darker than the above mentioned, medium- best described as a meeting point between 2 and 4- This is brilliant for an after dinner drink instead of sherry for a beginner drinker.(more aroma of dried fruits such as apricots or orange peel)
4-Malmsey- Most Famous and my most favourite! Brilliantly sweet, dark, the heaviest of all varieties features rich fruity/honeyed undertones.

Bastardo- a less frequently seen variety as only small amounts of the grape are now planted (hard to harvest according to our guide).Most bottles are vintage, luckily i was fortunate enough to try some! But i found it quite bitter and dry compared with other vintage types.It does have an amusing name however! :P

 -1927 may have been a good year for bastardo! ..but it cannot compare to my beloved Malmsey!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

CollegePrep Blog Giveaway!

Awesome blogger CollegePrep (www.thecollegeprepster.com/) is hosting a KJP giveaway! Enter to win this 1 of a kind yellow,nautical themed cuff! You can enter by following CP (if you dont already),liking KJP on facebook (also if you dont already), and signing up for PrepTalk by clicking on the pink link and listing your email (a weekly newsletter, i must admit i had no idea existed till today!)

Goodluck everyone :D