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Friday, 10 June 2011


Actually pretty simple cookies to make! A great deal of time i found was actually spent weighing/sieving out ingredients and mixing the final mixture!... The 1st ever batch were actually baked on a whim one cloudy afternoon (the weather wasn’t too humid, which helps) and the 2nd were also an experimental lot. By third time around, i had found a mixing method that works for myself, for beating the air out of the final mixture (the key to having no air holes in the shell) I didn’t have any food colouring paste in the cupboard, so i used more liquid type than was probably needed. The paste is defiantly recommended! Especially if making darker coloured ones (chocolate, liquorish ect)
Raspberry Jam and Strawberry Liqueur Macarons

--- ** Ingredients and method comming soon**---

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