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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Theme of the day- England!

Still snowed in, (an apparently new British tradition I’ve involuntary participated in here) I decided a new idea for my blog! a theme of the day! When we think of England, we traditionally think of ...antique furniture crafted from mahogany ; located in a dusty long-forgotten library full of first editions of the works by C. S. Lewis , medieval cathedrals, afternoon tea, tennis, strawberries and cream and gorgeous summers...That inevitably turn into awful winters! In winter however, out come the infamous Barbour quilter jackets, and the original green Hunter Wellington Boots! (However, one of the things I love about these...is their ability to come in so many fabulous colours!..But I still picked the ever so practical, matt black)

The Strawberry!
In the South East of England, there are fields upon fields of 'pick your own' attractions- Tulleys Farm is an example, and they also run a small grocery store filled with local, farm produce! This is something I feel symbolises the English Summer...(also a tradition, If watching tennis at Wimbledon, don’t forget the strawberries and cream!)
     A perfect Gift for someone who loves hosting dinner parties are these divine Jay Strongwater- salt and pepper shakers! ...(An American brand, but i wont tell if you dont!)- The Detail is incredible, look at the tiny wasp! 
 Plaid, Tartan and Tweed!
-Too many lovely accessories to list!
This Kiel James Patrick cuff could be added to the wrist of a rolled up blue blazer to add an anglophile edge to a casual outfit! I also like how you can personalise the button by choosing different colours!
Ralph Lauren also has so many great winter items! I am following their daily gift guide on facebook- after being slightly off put by this rather eccentric tartan polo, I thought; why not tone it down with a plain navy wool skirt/ navy tights? (it’s on sale now too!) However if  you would rather have something more personalised; if you have Scottish family roots you can order from many websites like ScotWeb; that specialise in accessories of hundreds of different clan tartans! I’m Scottish on my father’s side and our family name is connected with clan ’Gunn’; which is a charming dark blue/green blend. Alternatively, this website has an advanced search option, where you can seek out patters by colour *yes they have pink!*
SP xx

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